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​Visit the Center for Development of the Portal Research Laboratory and get to know Bridge Constructor Portal, a unique hybrid of the classic Portal and Bridge Constructor games. You are the new employee of the Laboratory for Portal Nature Research, and your task is to build bridges, ramps and other objects in 60 cells so that people can safely reach the finish line on their cars. Use the numerous gadgets Portal — portals, repellent gel, accelerating gel, air panels of faith, cubes and much more — to bypass turrets, acid pits and lasers. Solve numerous puzzles and pass test cameras without losses. Ellen McLain, who voiced GlaDOS, will help you get training and tell you everything that a real employee of the Portal Research Laboratory should know. A bridge is a lie!​

This game has been updated 14-11-2018, 09:44 to the latest version v4.0 (upd.16.10.2018).


The Inner World The Last Wind Monk v1.0 (First Release) - PLAZA

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The Inner World is a fascinating adventure arcade with quest elements, and this masterpiece was created jointly by two gaming studios — Headup Games, Studio Fizbin, which created a full-fledged game with unusual animated graphics! The game will remind users of an interactive cartoon, and at the heart of this arcade is a fascinating story about saving the underworld of fantastic creatures! By the way, the game The Inner World download torrent can be without problems, and any difficulties with our game resource.