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Christophe Hartman, Head of 2K Firaxis proved their skills at the stage of the release of the first XCOM game: Enemy Unknown, which received the award as the "Game of the Year", the second The project is capable of giving the second wind of the series, thanks to the epic story and great goals that are put before the players. Jake Solomon, who is the creative director in the studio Fira Xis Games: We focused on feedback from players about the first project, and it played a big role in creating a spectacular strategic project, including support for modifications and procedural levels and, of course, new types of opponents and classes of soldiers. The new turn of the plot, new opponents, and, of course, new technological opportunities - there is only one thing - to protect the beloved planet, remembering that the future fate of those living on it This planet. Allow yourself to download XCOM 2 via torrent from us and explore the technology of aliens, develop your base, make and plan the plan of the operation of attacking the aliens, to help - control the movement of soldiers.

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XCOM 2 War of the Chosen v20181009 (Tactical Legacy) - CODEX

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XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Tactical Legacy — the fourth addition to the game already known to the whole world. The tactical strategy has managed to gain greater popularity and attract millions of people. Thanks to the new addition to the game, several modes can be added, unique weapons, beautiful maps, armor and some other thematic content. Thus, the legacy of the beautiful game series is easily emphasized.

Hitman The Complete First Season v1.14.3 + DLC (GOTY Edition) - CODEX

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During the Sony conference, developers from Io-Interactive and the publishers of Square Enix talked about plans to release the game Hitman 2016. According to them, the new project will become a new digital experience that will continue the series of games. The plot of the game tells about Agent 47, who took the position of an operational officer in the International Contract Agency. He must constantly go to perform a variety of tasks, to visit different countries. At each of the game levels gamers will be able to take advantage of great opportunities to complete the mission. Here everything is presented not as they used to see in similar projects. Each of the tasks that Agent 47 receives is fraught with danger and complexity, and therefore, to fulfill them, players will have to carefully select methods and methods. It is assumed that the new project will be admired interesting, exciting, therefore, expect the moment when the torrent Hitman 2016 will be downloaded from our gaming portal.

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Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection v4.0.0.21748 + All DLC - CODEX

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Company of Heroes 2 — a military strategy, created by Relic Entertainment and released on personal computers in 2013. It is the second part of the popular game Company of Heroes, which is called the best of military strategies in Russian. The user will be the commander-in-chief of the Soviet army in the hardest times for the world. Events develop in 1941, during the Second World War, the most bloody clash that killed more than 15 million soldiers. The Soviet army joined the battle to rid the native lands of the German fascists. You will be able to observe with your own eyes how the army of the USSR is coming from an almost fatal crash to total defeat and a glorious victory over Germany in the Company of Heroes 2. The gamer will come to apply tactics and choose a strategy that will bear consequences and become a turning point in the whole war. The user will be involved in bloody and all-consuming battles that will unlock the commander’s potential, and will take advantage of the entire strength of the Red Army, clearing his way to Berlin.

Hitman Game of the Year Edition v1.13.2 - CODEX

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Hitman Game of the Year Edition — this is the last part at the moment of the franchise about the most famous and yet inconspicuous murderer called Agent Forty-Seventh. He left his mark in the entertainment industry. Because, as soon as people call the genre of stealth action games, many people imagine the levels from the first parts of this series immediately. At the same time, the developers have not lost their fervor for so many years and still continue to please the fans with really high-quality stories from the world of this good character, who pleases part of his fans with more and more sophisticated types of killing opponents.

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[Update only] Hitman The Complete First Season GOTY Edition v1.13.1 - PLAZA

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​Update v1.13.1 to Hitman The Complete First Season GOTY Edition is the continuation of the popular action game with the passage in stealth mode, about the famous killer Agenta 47. The game tells us about a hired killer, ruthless and very dangerous, because nobody knows who will be his next victim. You in the role of the protagonist of Agent 47 get tasks from Diana to eliminate various actors around the world. Your victims may be dangerous criminals, impure politicians, bankers, bandits and many others. Before each mission the killer thinks through the plan of his actions, because the plan of the operation has a major influence on its result. Hiding under the guise of maintenance personnel or guards, you should be as close to your goal and eliminate it.​

Total War WARHAMMER v1.6.0 HotFix (14562) + 15 DLC Steam-Rip - SKIDROW

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Total War WARHAMMER is the new part of the scale strategy from the «Total War» series. This time, players are waiting for the fantasy world and 4 unique races: empire, gnomes, vampire graphs and greenskins. Regardless of which race you choose, large and grandiose battles await you. The WARHAMMER universe is simply filled with fabulous characters that can serve you well in combat. A lot of magic, legendary weapons, dragons and griffins — all this and much more for the first time in the Total War series. Hundreds of hours of fascinating campaign, you will get acquainted with the legendary heroes and perform incredible feats. Do not you tremble before the army of horrifying warriors? Download Total War: WARHAMMER and enjoy one of the best strategies of this year.

Total War WARHAMMER Norsca Steam DLC - SKIDROW

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Lying far to the north, beyond the claws of the claw, the peninsula of Norsk is the birthplace of furious, ruthless and ferocious warriors. Their spirit is tempered by harsh conditions, since in their land there is eternal winter. The Nori gods are dark and cruel forces, constantly demanding sacrifices, so the northerners constantly spend time in battles and battles, bringing blood to their gods. In addition to Total War Warhammer Norsca, you have the opportunity to lead one of the northern peoples and conquer the world.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

DiRT Rally v1.23 - ALI213

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DiRT Rally is the new part of the rally simulator. The game offers you real rally cars and tracks. All this makes DiRT Rally alive and more believable. Rally is a special class of races that does not suffer mistakes, because you are waiting for the most difficult roads and the most dangerous turns. In addition to the possibility of improving the car, the player will spend a lot of time on his repair, because once incorrectly entering the turn, you can significantly damage the car and thereby worsen its characteristics. And you will repair the car and during the races, for repairs you will be allocated a certain time, for which you must maximize the car in order. DiRT Rally also boasts a realistic control, influenced by weather conditions, road surface, suspension, engine, turbine, etc. The player is able to adjust the car for his comfortable ride.