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Typical nightmare v1.1 - PLAZA

Typical nightmare Game Free Download Torrent
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Typical nightmare — the protagonist John has long been on the stage of a nervous breakdown and at one point, when he felt the opportunity to end his excitement forever and overcome the frustration, he began to see fears that became too real. Gradually, fears began to absorb his dreams, and now they are trying to break into reality, and he has to fight them personally. Only you can help our protagonist stay in consciousness and overcome all obstacles. You have to go through with John through all his life and mental problems.

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Injustice 2 Update 12 (upd.21.08.2018) - CODEX

Injustice 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Injustice 2 is a continuation of the well-known computer game that offers every player to immerse himself in the most complete version of the DC Comics universe, in which there was a place for literally every character, superhero. But only the circumstances, about which they gathered here — are not at all joyful. In this case, the developers, in comparison with the first part, significantly altered the skills of each character, and added a lot of absolutely new characters, among which, it is possible that you will find absolutely new characters for themselves, which you may never have met before. The action takes place in a parallel version, the DC universe, where each of the heroes got his evil double from another reality. And this makes you follow the action of the plot even more closely, because otherwise you can miss the thread of the story, which indicates which of the heroes is good, and who only appears. But you can play with this not only for the characters.

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Dead Rising 4 Update 4 (upd.14.08.2018) - CODEX

Dead Rising 4 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Computer game Dead Rising 4 will please its users with an interesting gaming universe, represented by three parts. But among the public began to spread the information that the developers are preparing to submit another sequel, namely Dead Rising 4. Perhaps this is a rumor, because the information from official sources about this has not been reported. At the same time, the fans of the game series showed the main points of the game process, screenshots, and some other details.

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Entropy 2120 v20180825 - PLAZA

Entropy 2120 Game Free Download Torrent
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Entropy 2120 is quite a complex game, representing a genre of shooter, where all actions take place with a first-person view. Go to the futuristic world, which is on the brink of destruction. You have a great responsibility to protect and save the inhabitants of the planet. Actions occur as dynamically as possible, so you will need maximum concentration and speed. You need to go to explore the territory in order to provide yourself with everything necessary for survival.

Heliborne v0.97 - PLAZA

Heliborne Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The full version of Heliborne is a representative of the not so popular setting, since this game on the computer embodies a multi-user virtual action, which includes two scenarios. The first is intended to demonstrate to the users who downloaded Heliborne the notorious events taking place in Vietnam. And the second will show the players all the hardships of the Afghan war. In this case, the project is able to brag to users of military equipment, which is more than two dozen, as well as multi-user mode, where up to 10 gamers can clash in battle.

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HYPERGUN v1.1.0.7 - GOG

HYPERGUN Game Free Download Torrent
GOG Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
In HYPERGUN you have to reincarnate in Dewey Owens, the fearless trainee of the DevTech laboratory, and save the world! A dynamic shooter with Roguelite elements and the ability to create a unique, but strange weapon — only Dewey can conquer this perfect combat simulator. Fight with hordes of extraterrestrial strangers inside the simulation, designed to develop the perfect weapon. Open amazing new classes and learn powerful abilities to eventually create HYPERGUN.

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The Forest v1.09 - CODEX

The Forest Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Forest game is a mix of many genres: adventure, survival simulator and action horror. After a plane crash, you remain the only survivor on a strange island. Exploring the island, you are increasingly immersed in its secrets and soon realize that on the island you are not alone. Strange creatures who long to profit from human flesh have become a serious threat to your life. The Forest is a real survival simulator, in which you will find food, shelter and weapons. Cut down trees for a fire and the construction of a shelter, complete freedom of action allows you to go wherever you want and settle in places where it seems safe to you. Only you decide what shelter to build, there will be a fortress with traps along the perimeter or a simple overnight stay. You will find a huge island, which lives its life and which contains many underground caves with its secrets. Do everything to survive, fight or hide, explore your enemies, because they also have weaknesses.

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Yakuza 0 - SKIDROW

Yakuza 0 Game Free Download Torrent
Many called Yakuza 0 the Japanese clone of the GTA, but in the game there are no big open cities, no robberies and car thefts, no skirmishes with policemen. Nevertheless, the game has a lot of fun entertainments, including mini-games: arcade races, dances, pornographic female wrestling, phone sex and other in-game fun. But not only mini-games Yakuza 0 is interesting. In the streets of the Japanese city, aggressive drunkards, maniacs, madmen, bandits and the rest of the rabble are free to go around and can teach a couple of kung fu receivers. Also in the game a lot of different humor, mostly, of course, Japanese, sometimes very vulgar.

Q.U.B.E. 2 v1.7 (Lost Orbit) - CODEX

Q.U.B.E. 2 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
A sequel full of puzzles of the logical arcade Q.U.B.E. In Q.U.B.E. 2 players will try on the role of Amelia Cross — a British archaeologist, who woke up on a strange planet. With the help of another survivor, Emma, players will face complex puzzles to find the way home. The sequel takes the best ideas from the original game and develops them, putting the familiar gameplay in a picturesque environment, featuring a better picture.

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ReCore v1.1.7468.2 (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

ReCore Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
ReCore — a game in the genre of action, where you will fall into a unique world with no less unique storyline. History tells us that robots throughout the world have seized power over the planet and humanity. The main purpose of these treacherous pieces of iron is the displacement of the human race from the Earth. They intend not only to seize power, but also resources, as well as other delights that our native planet conceals. But not all robots began to conduct such an operation, many were against and sided with a person.