Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion v20181024 - PLAZA

Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion Game Free Download Torrent
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Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion — role-playing adventure based on the cartoon of the same name, distinguished by charismatic characters, variegated visual styling, excellent humor and detailed world. Now players have the opportunity to join the incredible journey of a boy named Finn and his friend, Jake’s faithful dog. This magnificent story begins with the fact that once, in the usual morning, our heroes discover that the world literally drowned. Global warming melted the glaciers, due to which an incredible amount of water flooded the continents.

Pizza Connection 3 upd.26.10.2018 (Halloween Update) - PLAZA

Pizza Connection 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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Pizza Connection 3 — continued real-time management strategy with an isometric view of the camera. You can go through a difficult and dangerous path from a Roman baker who is unknown to the owner of one of the largest pizzeria chains in the world. Create your unique pizza in a well-designed designer, and conquer the tastes of the most experienced gourmets. It’s time to rest a bit from dangerous and global adventures, and try to just relax a bit, playing a game where you have to manage your own pizzeria. Yes, you heard right and can now open a personal pizzeria and try to use all available opportunities in terms of attracting new clients, development and other interesting moments. Are you ready to do business and test your abilities in terms of organization and action? Then do not waste time and quickly play in Pizza Connection 3, already now begin to plan their actions.

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Shadows Awakening The Chromaton Chronicles - CODEX

Shadows Awakening The Chromaton Chronicles Game Free Download Torrent
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Shadows Awakening The Chromaton Chronicles — role-playing adventure from a number of those where the player must become not a champion of good, but an adherent of the forces of evil. Here you have to curb the power of the Eater — an incredible demonic entity that is able to absorb the souls of the fallen guardians of Light, and adopt their abilities. Chromothane chronicle leads you to the northern edge of Tole. There lies the mysterious Laboratory of Arcanum — a long-forgotten place known for its ruthless and immoral magical experiments. One of these experiments carried out by Tolevan magicians included a blissful energy called Chromaton.

TheNightfall v1.5 (Halloween Edition) - PLAZA

TheNightfall Game Free Download Torrent
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TheNightfall is a new adventure game in the horror genre, with an interesting plot and a terrible atmosphere. You will go to investigate where you need to answer numerous questions and uncover the most mysterious and dark-covered secrets that harbors an old mansion. The thing is, the editors of the magazine asked you to go to research the mysterious house, which you will do. The thing is that recently people have disappeared close to this mansion, and no one knows the reason for this phenomenon. You must carefully examine every vast location, find clues and useful items that will help you discover this difficult matter. Try to be as careful as possible and act cautiously, because fate has prepared for you a few unexpected and rather unpleasant turns of events.

Shadows Awakening v1.2 (upd.26.10.2018) The Chromaton Chronicles - CODEX

Shadows Awakening Game Free Download Torrent
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Shadows Awakening is an adventure isometric role-playing game with a tactical combat system in real time and a single campaign. Players are waiting for the demon’s story, which absorbs the souls of the dead heroes, due to which it becomes stronger. In the role of this demon, players must go through the fantasy world, changing it as they please. The developers themselves describe Shadows: Awakening as «a unique isometric RPG with a single campaign and real-time battles.» Players will take on the role of «a demon who was called from the realm of shadows known as Devourer to absorb the souls of long-dead heroes and go on an epic adventure with challenging gameplay, fascinating plot and mesmerizing graphics.» The key features of the game are switching between the realm of shadows and the world of mortals, a unique party system where several characters combine, interact and feud in one demon, as well as a wide range of abilities and characters.

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Victory At Sea Pacific v1.1.2 - GOG

Victory At Sea Pacific Game Free Download Torrent
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Victory At Sea Pacific is a game of naval battles in the setting of the Second World War, where the player can control both the entire Pacific theater and individual ships and airplanes. Players will enjoy a huge selection of military equipment — from cruisers and battleships, to airplanes and submarines, with the help of which players must try to change the course of history and turn the course of the Second World War on the right track for players. Global strategy about the Second World War with elements of a sandbox dedicated to sea and air battles, the action of which takes place in the Pacific Ocean. Your task is to scour the seas in search of enemy fleets, use submarines to destroy enemy supply lines, secretly detect enemy positions in order to suddenly fall asleep them with troops from the sea and air. In total, the game has more than 120 ships and aircraft - from supply vessels, assault forces and light destroyers to battleships and aircraft carriers, from aircraft to bombers.

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The Evil Within 2 v1.05 - CODEX

The Evil Within 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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​By tradition, before the start of one of the most famous gaming exhibitions E3, many developers are announcing releases of their projects. This year there were no exceptions — the company Bethesda Softworks during its press conference announced that it plans to develop a sequel to its horror shooter The Evil Within, released in 2014. The game, whose main character was the police officer Sebastian Castellanos, was rated highly enough by critics and players, so it’s no surprise that Bethesda Softworks decided to continue the story of Castellanos’s adventures in another world.​

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My Hero Academia One’s Justice - CODEX

My Hero Academia One’s Justice Game Free Download Torrent
My Hero Academia One’s Justice is a game following the events of the manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia, the events of which unfold in a world where all people are born with superpowers. The main character, a guy named Izuku Midoria, was born without an ability, but found her after meeting the most famous hero of the world, nicknamed Almighty. The game focuses on the confrontation of Midoria and its comrades and the so-called Alliance of Villains, whose goal is to destroy the system of heroes and plunge the world into chaos.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Red Rock Park - CODEX

Super Mega Baseball 2 Red Rock Park Game Free Download Torrent
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Play in a brand new football field surrounded by cacti, sandstone peaks and endless desert. This DLC will bring you Red Rock Park, an extra stadium for Super Mega Baseball 2. The second part of the world-famous simulator, where you have to play a real baseball and become a world star. If you are a fan of this kind of sport, or vice versa — you don’t understand anything at all, then you should look into the world of this simulator, because here any player will find something interesting. You can learn a lot of new and interesting facts about this sport, as well as enhance your knowledge in terms of practice in the field of action. First you have to choose the main character, define skills, external characteristics and features for him.

Helldivers A New Hell Edition - PLAZA

Helldivers A New Hell Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Helldivers A New Hell Edition — cooperative game in the genre of shooter, which was created by the creators of such a popular project as Magicka. The great advantage of the gameplay is that here you can play with your friend on the same computer and in the same team. There really is something to learn, and the dynamics of the process is more than enough. Here you need to lead the elite unit, where you will fight for the future of the universe. Battles will take place with supporters of the enemy forces, who intend to subdue all life in the world.